MCA - 5000

Mpro conference system consists of power supply unit (MCA-5000), chairman unit (MCC-5100) & delegate unit (MCD-5200). The power supply can handles upto 50 units of delegate units of which one or more chairman units. The conference system is aesthetically designed to meet the modern needs of conference room and for people using it.

    • Power on led indicator provided
    • Works in open mode with auto switch off, open mode, override mode & chairman only mode.
    • Speaker volume can be controlled of all delegate and chairman unit
    • Facility to connect headphone to record minutes of the meetings
    • Facilities to connect external microphone for making announcement in conference system
    • Option of line input and out put provided
    • Telephone coupler input and output for connecting a remote participant
    • Minutes of the meetings can also be recorded with the help of recorder output connection