MCC - 5100

Mpro conference system consists of power supply unit (MCA-5000), chairman unit (MCC-5100) & delegate unit (MCD-5200). The power supply can handles upto 50 units of delegate units of which one or more chairman units. The conference system is aesthetically designed to meet the modern needs of conference room and for people using it.

    • Priority button to overrule all delegate units and muting all active delegate microphones. 
    • Built in loudspeaker to hear the discussions going on in the meeting
    • Supplied with earphone to connect with chairman unit which makes the built in loudspeaker to mute.
    • Volume control provided to control the volume level of headphone
    • Led illuminated indicator ring provided to show the microphone in operation
    • Built in loudspeaker goes to mute when microphone is in operation
    • When chairman unit comes into operation it gives chime tone to make other delegates attentive.


MCC - 5100

Frequency Resp.

125 Hz-12.5 Khz

Gooseneck Length

12.3 inch

Dimension without Mic

124 X 172 X 63 mm


1.0 Kg.